We specialize in 3 reasons aerial drone photographic and video surveys using drone technology for our clients. The vast majority of our clients here at Helidrone Surveys are surveying businesses and charter surveyors working in the construction and real estate industries. Now that the capability is more readily available. There are many benefits to using drone technology for jobs in these sectors, including:

  • Minimal disruptions to building sites.
  • No scaffolding required for initial inspections of building roofs.
  • No cherry pickers and associated costs for inspections of the outsides of buildings.
  • Lower health and safety risk.
  • High definition images of hard to reach and possibly unsafe areas.
  • Cheaper and easier than more traditional methods.

Though we know all of the benefits to using aerial drone surveys for your sites. We were very interested to see this report by DroneDeploy which shows that use of drones is growing most quickly in the construction sector. Drone growth year on year in the construction industry is rising the highest at a rate of 239%.

3 Reasons Aerial Drone Surveys Are Increasing In The Construction Industry

Initially drones were used on construction sites to provide an aerial snapshot of how sites were progressing once every couple of months. But now the data and information they provide is much more valuable to surveyors and project managers. They make it possible for problems to be spotted early on. Keep track of workers, and even transport goods if needed.

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Why is 3 reasons aerial drone use in the industry increasing at such a rapid pace?

When new technology makes such a big difference to our lives. Its use takes off very quickly and it instantly becomes something we cannot live without. Here’s a look at the top three reasons aerial drone surveys are increasing so quickly in the construction sector:

1) They provide a variety solutions

Drone photographs and aerial surveys aren’t just a one trick pony. They have many uses that make life faster and easier for those working in the construction industry. They can be used to progress tracking and communication, for pre-construction and site planning. For quality control and assurance, and to help asses job site risks.

2) Improvements to timescales

Aerial photography has vastly decreased the amount of initial work needing done during a project’s pre-construction and site planning phases. They have the ability to collect data and report on it in a fast and efficient manner. Which in turn means work can be completed much faster. Being able to complete work on a smaller timescale also means it can be completed on a smaller budget! Surveyors and contractors who are able to bid for projects where they can highlight taking less time and money. Than other companies are starting to win out on more projects than their competitors.

3) Better site inspections

Using drones in a variety of ways from pre-construction site planning to surveying hard to reach areas means surveyors now have the ability to carry out more thorough. And safer site inspections than they could previously. This also means that it’s possible to reduce the number of dangers and safety hazards on worksites. Such as extra scaffolding and cherry pickers. Drones can easily hover over a location that is high risk for construction workers. And as such can create safer workplace conditions in areas that are hard to reach.

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Shaping the way of the future

If this report is anything to go from, there will be a continued rise in the many ways in which aerial photography. And drones are used in the construction industry. As Douglas Adams said, ‘we are stuck with technology when all we really want is just stuff that works. Aerial photogaphy and surveying really works and makes a valuable difference in the construction industry. As proven by the statistics in the report.

At Helidrone Surveys, we work with many surveying businesses within the construction industry. And would be happy to hear from you about any of your drone needs. Please drop us a line anytime and we’ll be in touch for a no-obligation chat about what we can do for you.

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