UAV Drone Survey

Aerial Photographic and
Filming Surveys

HeliDrone Surveys specialise in aerial photographic and filming surveys
utilising drone technology.

Drone technology

ACCESS the inaccessible

HeliDrone Surveys can reach further and faster than any other survey method

let us do the hard work for you

Roof inspections

no scaffold required

HeliDrone Surveys specialise in aerial photographic and filming surveys
utilising drone technology.

the aerial Survey

getting the view from above

HeliDrone Surveys help surveyors and building inspectors find more data for their reports

The Aerial Survey:

Would a view from a new perspective for your building survey make your life easier?

Since 2014 HeliDrone Surveys have provided high quality UAV aerial surveys for many businesses across the UK. We can help you access all of those hard to reach locations that would otherwise take far more time and money to see using conventional methods. We’ll take photos and video using our drone aerial survey technology and give you a fast, cheap and safe survey, with as much information and detail that you and your clients require.

Why HeliDrone UAV Aerial Surveys?

High resolution images

After we complete our aerial survey, we’ll send you your high res images to use as required.

Minimal Disruption

You’ll hardly notice our drones providing a birds eye view of your site.

No Cherry Pickers

Aerial drone surveys enable a way easier and safer method of surveying on construction sites, meaning you can ditch the cherry pickers and create a safer working environment for your workers.

Fast Turn Rounds

All of your images and videos will be ready for you quickly.

4K video

We’ll deliver the latest in high-tech, high-quality videos after your aerial survey.

Low Health & Safety Risk

Less equipment = more safety for construction workers, and our aerial drone surveys mean you’ll be able to improve the health and safety risks on your sites.

Low Cost

Our aerial drone photography services start from very competitive rates

No Scaffolding

Skip the hassle, cost and time consuming scaffolding setup and get ahead of time and your budget with one of our drone surveys.

Environmentally Friendly

Drones create far less carbon pollution than trucks; choose the option that’s better for the environment.

What our users have to say

“HeliDrone is a cost effective service that provides a quick and easy way to view areas of buildings that are not easily accessible. The quality of the images produced by HeliDrone was impressive and we were able to identify the areas requiring repairs. We would recommend this service.”

“Helidrone Surveys offer a quick and straight forward way of inspecting inaccessible areas of properties without the need for expensive hoists and other equipment. The image quality is startlingly good. I highly recommend their services.
Thames River Capital LLP”


Go-Ahead found the use of the drone for the roof survey was very useful indeed, this method of working totally eliminates the need for any persons gaining access to the roof
Go-Ahead Group

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